Written by Kevin Underhill
August 15, 2017 – Ultimate Canada Magazine

The 2017 Canadian Ultimate Championships is in full swing in Ottawa, Ontario with 40 junior open and junior women’s teams competing.

The New Scotland Blues are a first-time addition to the junior women’s division highlighting growth across the country. The Atlantic provinces have a had a history of combining teams for nationals and coach Molly Wedge said it’s great to see a dedicated women’s team coming from Nova Scotia this season.

“We have people from other provinces join but this time, we are the core team, which is really awesome to see,” she said.

Breagh Wallebeck plays competitive ultimate for Salty, the women’s team from Halifax. Wallebeck got involved with the junior women’s team this season and said she’s excited to see the growth at the junior level and hopes the girls cherish this experience.

“We wanted the girls to keep building each game,” she said. “…and have a good, memorable experience for their first nationals.”

Feature Photo: Purazar Bhadha

Road Warriors

The New Scotland Blues bus broke down in rural Quebec en route to Ottawa. The two teams took the opportunity to have a little fun and bond as a team!